We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as M/sTechnotree engineering solutions pvt ltd a company in the business of supply, installation, testing, maintenance and modernization of Elevators and Escalators. The company is founded by the prominent, sincere and well-experienced engineers in the field of elevator and escalator technology.

We have worked and gained experience from Otis Elevators Co (India) Ltd., Thyssen Krup (India), also at Middle East countries with elevator companies such as Kone,Schindler, Mitsubishi, Express, Fiam, Munich and having working experience of twenty years plus in the grade of Installation/ Maintenance Engineers and In-charge of safety and quality Dept.

As per the provision of Lift Act 1974 and Lift rules 1976 of Govt. of Karnataka,We are thorough with the standard of quality and safety measures involved in Elevators and Escalators. With this vast experience, we advice, guide and educate our customers, users and lift operators suitably on all matters concerning the elevator safety and quality in order to avoid any possible accidents and to handle the situation in emergency conditions as per the Rule No 7 (2) of the lift rules 1976 with a sense of precision and clarity.

Further to the above we have team of dedicated engineers, administrators, marketing and for other technical aspects. We are also associated with a team of elevator technicians who are well experienced in the field of installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators in India and abroad.

Further as per the rules set by the Govt. of Karnataka we posses permit and license to Supply, Install, Modernize and Maintenance of Elevators & Escalators.

Technotree is a pioneer in Supply,Installation and Modernization of Elevators.Asian Elevators is a Government Approved and Licensed Contractor. Having around 10+ Years of Industrial Experience from Elevators Design to Manufacturing. We use high quality and reliable materials for our Assembling and Installation of Elevators. We provide elevators which are robust,energy efficient and reliable


Are you tired of climbing Staircase ? No worries, Asian Elevators is there to help you out . We will provide you with the best escalator in the world which meets your demand . It has a very high level of comfort,safety and energy efficient.

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