Safety and Security is one of the major concerns for any homeowner. With Technotree's Safety & Security Automation Solution , you can relax and let our security system take care of it. Our Safety and Security Automation Systems keeps you and your family safe and secure. You can even be connected to your home no matter where you are. Our Safety and Security Systems are easier to use because of simple User Interfaces, hence providing a great level of convenience and simplicity, which is worthy for your appreciation.

Safety & Security Automation Solution cover basic security needs (opening doors to strangers, people not authenticated) as well as convenience (multiple monitors- unlock from another part of the house). Safety & Security systems can be of several types; in your presence (Video Door Phone), in your absence (CCTV, Burglary), authentication of entrants (biometric lock) – All of this encompasses digitally secure safety solutions.

Safety & Security Automation Solution by Technotree enables monitoring of essential safety (smoke, gas leaks) and security (intrusion, panic) components within an individual home or villa through local sound alarms and through SMS, E-mail or Smartphone notifications. All the sensors communicate wirelessly to a controller that is the hub of operation. The controller triggers local audio alarms when an event is detected.

This Safety & Security Automation Solution can work at an individual apartment or villa level and it can also be integrated to a Central Monitoring System at the community level where security personnel can easily monitor multiple apartments in a community. The solution is easy to implement in existing homes without the need for cumbersome and expensive wiring.

Having a CCTV installed in your home adds a permanent pair of eyes keeping watch, which can be accessed from anywhere remotely. Also, centralized recording system ensures recorded footage can be reviewed in case of incidents. CCTVs are of 2 types; Analog (where the camera connected to DVR through hardwired, this DVR can be accessed remotely) & IP (each camera has an individual IP, and can be accessed remotely).

Burglary system ensures immediate phone call to you, neighbors intimated if there is an intrusion in your absence. Sensors can be door contact (positioned in major entry points), motion sensor (senses human motion in the area), glass break (forced entry, sound based alarm based on decibels), vibration sensor (any vibration detected on walls/windows of your home), gas leak.

Video door phone allows you to have a look at the person in front of the door and talk to them. The person outside won’t know that you are able to see their video. You may also let the visitor in, with the electronically operated lock.


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